We offer

   We specialize in the production of upholstery nonwoven needle-punched materials. The raw components used is a wide range of fiber such as sheep wool, camel wool, flax, cotton, silk, polyester, polyamid, polypropylen depending on the customer needs. The product composition can be either one or multi-component. For specific order we can also supply materials dyed for any color required.


We are prepared to process fiber of any length in the range from 15 to 120 mm.

We care very much for a sustaining a stable quality and structure of our supplies and for that reason the repeatable orders will typically be realized utilizing the same source of fiber. Due to technologically differentiated machinery we are very flexible and able to meet even very sophisticated clents requirements. We can produce materials of 100 to 1500 g/m2 still keeping a perfect uniformity of the weight throughout the entire lot of fabric. The composition will be individually fitted to the client's need or it will match exactly client's specification.

The materials that are currently in a prescheduled production are

needle-punched nonwoven - multicolor felt

needle-punched nonwoven - white(true) felt (virgin polyester)
needle-punched nonwoven made of wool
needle-punched nonwoven made of silk
needle-punched nonwoven coconut fiber with latex binding


However our full offer is by no means restricted to those off-the-shelf product. Out highly qualidief staff of technicians and engineers are able to adapt the product to your specific need in a very short time. We can process virtually any materials (either those supplied by a customer or our own). The product can be of any weght, size, packaging, both in rolls or panels, transported and delivered just in time.
Możemy również zaoferować Państwu włókniny wysokopuszyste (tzw. owatę) wytwarzane z włókien poliestrowych metodą suchego sklejania tzw. thermobondingu. Produkty otrzymane tą technologią charakteryzują się dużą puszystością, odbojnością i jednorodnością sklejeń na całej powierzchni.
We can also offer thermobonded (high-loft) materials of polyester fiber. These products are highly resistant to sqeeze (rebouncing)


Where our products are typically used


Needlepunched materials are used for production of:
sofas and chairs (upholstery materials)

automitive upholstery
medical and hygiene products
clothing (also protection clothing)
bed covers (filling)
decorative components of dyed felt

High-lolf thermobonded materials are used to produce:
upholstered furniture
outdoor furniture
isolated clothing
mattress panels
isolation and filtering panels